Hamlett ocarinas are individually hand crafted from high quality stoneware or white earthenware clay. Each instrument voicing is sculpted to produce the best sound throughout the entire range and is accurately tuned to concert pitch.

Included with each ocarina is a fingering chart which maps the fingering positions to musical notation, a neck strap cord, and a certificate of authenticity.  

Each Hamlett ocarina is serialized with a unique number for individual identification and contains the date of manufacture.  

Improved Design Features Include:

  • Ergonomics - The angled windway allows for a much more comfortable and natural playing position.
  • Wide finger spacing - Holes are placed farther apart for greater comfort and playability.
  • Wider, flatter body - An ocarina that is too round can be uncomfortable to play. Hamlett ocarinas have a wider and flatter body for easier handling and more comfortable grip.
  • Naturally shaped mouthpiece - The mouthpiece shape is oval shaped, more like the natural parting of your lips, to make for a more comfortable playing experience. The oval shape makes air leaks less likely and the thinner profile makes articulation easier. 
  • Small and lightweight - Thinner chamber walls and efficient construction make this a very compact ocarina. The Alto C ocarina is 5.62 inches (14.27cm) long and weighs only 5.5 ounces (157g).

11 Hole or 12 Hole

Many experienced ocarina players and makers agree that an 11 hole ocarina has a stronger and better sounding tone throughout the range than a 12 hole of the same tuning.  Whether to buy a 12 hole or an 11 hole ocarina when the choice is available is a decision that takes some thought and perhaps a little research.  To help with that decision, check out this article about the differences between 11 and 12 hole ocarinas.

How many holes? 11 vs. 12 hole ocarinas