11 Hole Alto F - Choose your color.

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Click on the small image above for a close-up. The ocarinas pictured above are for color reference and may not be the same tuning as this listing.


  • The ocarina ordered here will be made especially for you as a custom order according to the color you select.  
  • Orders will be completed and shipped usually within 30 days.

The Alto F 11 hole single chamber ocarina is one whole tone lower than Alto G.  It has a deep, full, flute like sound, with a very slight hint of texture. The breath requirements are similar to the Alto G, generally easier than than the Alto C, and thus an overall quieter instrument.  It has a slightly rising breath curve, slightly steeper on the very last notes for greater clarity.  It is fully chromatic and capable of play all sharps and flats.

Included with the ocarina are two fingering charts, one for the C transposition and one for actual concert pitch, a neck strap cord, and a certificate of authenticity.


  • Color/Finish: Select a color from the options above.
  • Length: 6.75 inches (171 mm)
  • Width: 4.00 inches (101 mm)
  • Height: 2.00 inches (50 mm)
  • Weight: 11.75 oz. (333 g)
  • Pitch Range: E4 - Bb6

Sound samples:

Please check out these sound samples. These are raw recordings on the ocarina.

Full Scale:


Scarborough Fair Raw Sample


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